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Important Support Functions

Recognizing the importance for companies to focus their time and resources on their core business activities, Bridge-Gap Services wants to be in partnership with you to enable you to do just that and leave the support functions to us.

 We want you to have the peace of mind that your back-end, support and compliance functions which are still important to you but is not part of your core business, are taken care by dedicated staff who you can count on. In this manner, you get the assurance that while you forge ahead with your business strategies and objectives, we work alongside with you so that you do not have to be sacrifice your precious, limited resources.

Operating as a business carries with it the obligations to ensure that investors are well informed and satisfied with their returns, legislations are complied with, relevant information readily available to facilitate timely decisions and the fundamental duty of keeping proper audit-ready records which are in compliance with prevailing standards and legislations.

At this time and age where organizations need to be lean and cost effective to stay in the competition, they need to selectively use their financial and human resources in places which will bring them the highest returns. We believe that Bridge Gap Services can be a partner with you by making available to you a suite of service offerings in a strategic and cost-effective relationship.


Whether it is part of your strategy to outsource your Finance, Human Resources and Administrative activities or where you are faced with unplanned resource constraints caused by downsizing, staff turnover or temporary workload spikes, our company can offer resources and skills to help you bridge that gap. The services can be either on a temporary or on a long term basis, depending on your requirements. If you eventually feel that it best fits your strategy to have the resources internally, Bridge Gap can also help you find the suitable candidates. Please visit Bridge Gap Human Resources for more details.

Quality Services
We look forward to have the initial discussions with you to help us understand your requirements so that we can better serve your needs. Please contact us for a no-obligations discussion. We are committed to provide quality services delivered with professionalism, integrity and our sincere desire to bring success closer to our clients!